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You've book a studio session, here's what happens!

The thought of having to show up at a studio, dolled up and alert and what? Have my photo taken? sends shockwaves through most normal people. Sleepless nights, stressing about not getting that massive pimple that will ruin everything, not to mention the red wine that you know will change the colour of your teeth. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be that way!

The first thing to remember is that you are the customer, the subject. It’s essentially the photographer’s responsibility to capture the best version of you that day. Making my job easier by simply relaxing and getting excited rather than fearful will go a long way to creating that perfect shot. I’ll let you in on a little secret, we get nervous too, so the last thing we need is both of us sitting in the corner mumbling at our fingers. Initially I’ll direct you how to pose and we’ll work together to suss out what suits you the best. You just have to focus on being yourself.

By now I would have asked you to provide me with some samples pictures, one’s that you are in and like of yourself. It’d also be a great idea to share some image ‘styles’ that you like. Have a browse on the internet and make a Pintrest board to share. I’d normally suggest organising your shoot in the morning or better still on your day off. This time may change based on what you’re trying to achieve but first up is best, when you are fresh and alert. It’s a good idea to bring a hairbrush, hairspray and any other makeup that you may need (that includes the boys as well, if you are lucky enough to have hair)!

In preparation for your amazing experience, the usual advice applies. Get a good night’s rest, lay off the alcohol, read a book instead of watching TV and basically chill out and relax. Don’t do anything major, like changing your hair colour, job, partner or selling your kids in the lead up to the shoot. The trick is to be calm and dare I say it again, relaxed. You’re paying good money for the shoot, so do yourself a favour and be the best you can be. How you think and feel is how you will be, so just relax and have a bit of fun with it. Stick to wearing outfits with contrast, basic colours that aren’t too bright and keep jewellery and bling to a minimum (unless that’s the theme of the shoot). Have an alternate outfit which could be as simple as a different coloured shirt or a jacket. Make sure they are clean and well pressed if necessary.

Ok so now it’s the morning of your shoot, get yourself ready as you normally would. Allow time to relax and do things calmly. Pre-arrange for your partner or a friend to handle the kids if you need it, allowing you to focus on yourself. Have breakfast before you get ready, check the news and give yourself time. Complete your normal readiness regime, remembering not to over do it. The focus is your face not all the stuff you put on it, focus on eyes and lips these two elements will make your face radiant. Guys should definitely use some moisturiser and be extra diligent when shaving or trimming. Most important is to take your time, allowing time keeps you calm and relaxed.

Try to get the studio a little earlier, again the focus is not to be rushing. Once you get settled the first thing I’ll do is explain what’s going to happen. First up is to set the lighting, no posing required for this part. We’ll make a few pictures to ensure the light is correct for your face. I’ll touch on a few posing techniques and get you to practice them, it’s all about feel, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll pick it up. Once that’s done we’ll get you to have a quick look in the mirror, check your hair and any other detail to ensure it’s the way you want it. I’ll do a double check for lint and other minor hazards to make sure we are not picking those up in the shots.

By now you are completely relaxed and we are making some amazing images of you. Different poses, different feels, minor adjustments here and there. The next thing you know, we’re done! I’ll show you the images we’ve made, you’ll give me an idea of what you like. At this point you are free to go and get on with your day. In less than 24hrs you’ll get a set of proofs, the number will vary dependent on what the project scope is, these images will be adjusted for light and colour balance. You’ll then choose the images you want and I’ll put the final touches and deliver them to you normally less than 48hr after that.

That’s it, super simple, lot’s of fun but above all something you’ve done for yourself. It’s definitely worth doing and worth doing well. Remember your face is your brand, making it a priority is more important than you think.

Now that wasn't so bad was it?

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