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Your Brand is the fundamental element to the growth & longevity of your business. Initially a brand is not a logo, colour pallet, chic business cards or a flashy website. It's a core promise, an ideal, an emotional connection with your customer. It's the reason a customer chooses you and your business over someone else. Visual imagery is often mistaken for a 'Brand' the truth is it's so much more. Start looking at things from your customer's perspective, craft your message and tone of voice. In Five easy steps, establish what your brand really is and how to leverage it.

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Discovery - 
Empathy Pathways

The first step is finding you and connecting you to your audience

Create empathetic connections with your target audience. Using Empathy Mapping, a tried and true method for discovery we will reveal how your customer looks, feels and thinks. This establishes the foundation of how you will be perceived by your target audience. Knowing this information and using it to craft your message is an incredible tool to cut through the noise. We'll also look at strengths and weaknesses to ensure that you have a tactical approach to marketing and finance. Combined, you will have the means and pathways to succeed.

Tone & Voice
- Articulation

Establishing the tone of how you communicate

Now that you have the why and what, it's time to craft the how. Your Tone of Voice is the message you will project and how it's perceived to create a unique offering to your contacts. What sets you apart from the noise? Why should someone spend money with you? Why should they trust you? A brand is essentially a promise, what is your promise to your customers and contacts and how will you express it?

Presence & Presentation

Setting the standards for how your brand will be presented

Now that we've completed the detailed elements of the personal branding process, it's time to wind up the fun factor. This step we look at how you visually want to be seen. Presenting yourself in a way that supports the elements we have already discussed is extremely important. We'll take you through a simple and effective styling process, followed up with fresh headshots and a lifestyle photoshoot, to ensure that the emotional and visual elements are aligned. The authentic you, is now ready to take on any aspiration you want to realise.

Visual Presence Icon 021c.png

Step by step guidance through styling - On point brand photography

Visual Presentation

Be remarkable in a crowd by positioning yourself with a visual presence that stands out. How you appear, needs to match the tone of how you communicate. Ensure your offering is specific and easily recognised by your target audience. This is where we ensure that how you are perceived is consistent across all platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn and the multitudes of other platforms that are critical to your success. We will work together to align all the key elements.

Thrive & Evolve Icon 021c.png

Thrive & Evolve

You've done the hard work - where to and how?

Now it's time to pull all these elements together and build a personal digital presence that will become the foundation from which to evolve your brand. We'll look at your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and develop a basic personal website to tell your story. From this point, it's onwards and upwards. You will now realise new opportunities and create a sustained forward momentum, building on all the fundamental elements we have established.

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