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What's in a Personal Brand? Getting prejudged can be challenging.

Is the way you communicate being received as it was intended. Does your visual appearance match the story you are telling? These are 2 fundamental elements of your personal brand. Knowing and using your brand effectively really does create more opportunities if used correctly.

We are visual and tonal creatures and 85% of our conclusions are based on what we see and hear. Social Media is proof of that, we know that more than 90% of what we browse has been manipulated, yet we still take this as 'real'. The point is, our brands are very valuable, we all have one that we need to protect. The way your friends and family perceive you, the way you make people feel is exactly what your brand is. Learning how to craft this into an authentic message, is one of the most powerful things anyone can do for themselves. Understanding why you have a connection with certain people can be very insightful.

We all know (well, we all should know) what it's like to roll up to a job interview. You wouldn't be normal if you weren't a little apprehensive with a multitude of insecurity propaganda in your thoughts. What makes it worse is that in the 21st century the person you are meeting has most probably already stalked you on the web. Worse still they've most probably come across a picture that's not even you and decided that's the candidate. Some of us will remember when a CV had a picture, now there's a novel idea! The point is, YOU should be in control of how people perceive you. Using your online dating profile picture at work is most probably not ideal.

So many people don’t even get the opportunity to realise their true potential because they didn't make it past the traditional screening. Imagine if every person got the opportunity to realise their maximum potential each and every time. What if every person YOU meet 'gets' you every time, even if you don’t end up with the opportunity it'll likely be because you are simply not the right person, not because the decision maker has drawn a personal conclusion. Being proactively mindful about your personal brand is critical! What can people expect if they work with you? Will you deliver? Can you be trusted? It goes on and on but the crucial element is consistency of message. Getting someone to give you the opportunity, buy your product or support and spend money with you is as much about the pitch as it is about the actual task at hand.

With all the money we invest into how we look, if the rest doesn't line up then what's it all for? I challenge you to take an introspective look and make some adjustments if you need to. Make some time for the people that matter, not forgetting you are one of those people.

Have you ever wondered why some people are getting paid more for doing the same thing? My point exactly, its because one candidate ended up with a better connection with the decision maker.

Get in touch with someone who can help you as soon as practical.

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